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New rock inspired single 'Let It Breathe' from Gareth Lewis

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all well and having a good week so far. Despite this rubbish weather in the UK, I have a new single for you to enjoy that will definitely lift your mood and keep you upbeat throughout the day.

I'm delighted to bring you the new single from Gareth Lewis called 'Let It Breathe'.

This rock inspired song is about finding hope during a difficult time and acknowledging that things will get better. This is the second single from Gareth's debut solo EP 'Start The Hurricane' and like the first single 'Vultures', it's roots are in Americana music but this single has a rock edge to it. Read my review of 'Start The Hurricane' here.

Gareth Lewis
New single from Gareth Lewis

Like many of the songs on the ‘Start The Hurricane’ EP, it was written in response to everything that has happened during the pandemic but it is also a personal story of how his family have got through some traumatic events as well.

“It’s a message to us all to stay positive. One of the lyrics in the song is really key to this and brings it all together; “We’ve gotta hold on to the light, we’ve gotta let it breathe”.

Gareth wrote ‘Let It Breathe’ the day before recording ‘Vultures’ in the studio and recorded them both on the same weekend and from there the song evolved;

“Originally it was going to be an acoustic blues song but when recording I gave it more energy and played the slide guitar and the song became heavier and more rocking in the studio. It’s going to be a fun song to play live!”

This is a great song and I'm so pleased that it's made it to the BBC Wales A List this week and is featuring on the ARC radio this week. The last few months have been busy for Gareth with the release of the singles and EP. He has also formed a new band to support him and has some upcoming live music dates in Swansea with more to follow.

Gareth is on BBC Wales A List

The band is currently in rehearsals and are excited to play songs from the EP plus other songs in the back catalogue. The band features drummer Rob Steele formerly from rock band Trampolene who supported Liam Gallagher and Kasabian, Leighton Thomas on bass, Alex Draisey on guitar and Gareth Lewis will be on vocals and guitar.

For more info on Gareth's music and live music dates, check out his website.

Have a great week everyone!

Sammi x

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