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Gone Country?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

New to country music? 

If you're new to country music or have some friends that you're hoping to convert and find yourself using the classic lines of "it's new country not country and western" or "it's not all line dancing and cowboy hats" (not that there's anything wrong with that) then look no further.

Here's a list of 10 artists and songs to help ease the journey;

1. Chris Stapleton- Tennessee Whiskey

Go big or go home I say, the sheer raw talent of Chris Stapleton's voice and the musical melody in 'Tennessee Whiskey' on the Traveller album is pure modern country gold. Seeing him perform live at Country to Country 2016 gave me goosebumps.

If you like this try: 'Say Something' Justin Timberlake ft Chris Stapleton, 'Traveller' and 'Broken Halos'.

2. Luke Combs- When It Rains It Pours

Luke Combs has such a distinct country voice but this funny and heartfelt song reminds us what a fun genre of music country is. This is a great song that truly tells a story, albeit a different one from what the title suggests.

More like this: 'Hurricane', 'One Number Away'.

3. Ashley McBryde- Girl Goin' Nowhere

"When the lights come up and I hear the band"... for anyone that loves live music and had a dream then this is the song for you. Ashley McBryde has got an incredible voice and tells stories no one expects including one about a drug addicted neighbour. She's a breath of fresh air.

If you like this, listen to: 'A little dive bar in Dahlonega', 'American Scandal', 'Livin' next to Leroy'.

4. Little Big Town - Day Drinking

Time for a group number and the variety of songs that Little Big Town put out is a great way to get into the modern country music. 'Day Drinking' is the combinations of an uptempo sounds and fun lyrics.

Little bit more of Little Big Town? Listen to: 'Girl Crush', 'Pontoon' and 'Boondocks'.

5. Lady Antebellum- Need You Now

A bit of an obvious choice you may say, but 'Need You Now' is one of the few Lady Antebellum songs that made the U.K. radio stations and is a fantastic introduction to one of my favourite bands. Lady A are often one of the bands that people know about, this song was one of the first country songs I heard and it certainly interested me in listening to country radio on holiday in Florida which led me into many other artists.

More Lady A: 'Heart Break', 'Just A Kiss', 'Bartender'.

6. Maren Morris- My Church

Over the last couple of years, Maren Morris has taken the country music scene by storm and for a good reason. 'My Church' is completely refreshing and easy to relate to for anyone who loves music. Her voice is simply stunning, this girl has already gone far, she's going to be a superstar.

More of Maren? Try: '80's Mercedes', 'I Could Use A Love Song', 'Second Wind'.

7. Brothers Osborne- 'Stay A Little Longer'

Need something with a bit more electric guitar and rock? Look no further than the CMA Award winning 'Vocal Duo of the Year' for the past four years, it's Brothers Osborne.

More Brothers Osborne? Listen to: 'Shoot Me Straight', 'Dirt Rich' and 'Pawn Shop'.

8. The Shires- Nashville Grey Skies

This wouldn't be my blog without recommending some U.K. country artists and so I highly recommend The Shires and the UK country song 'Nashville Grey Skies'. I love this song as it makes you feel happy to live in this country and also proud that U.K. country is different but we have lots of stories to tell too.

More Shires, listen to: 'Friday Night', 'Made In England' and 'Guilty'.

9. Sam Hunt - House Party

Sam Hunt is one of those artists I often hear playing in large offices on a random Spotify playlist who people easily connect with. He's definitely not traditional country, some say he's not country at all but his music is good fun and House Party is a great track to sneak in your Christmas party playlist.

More from Sam Hunt: 'Take Your Time', 'Body Like A Back Road', 'Heartbeat' Carrie Underwood ft. Sam Hunt.

10. Eric Church- Mr Misunderstood 

Eric Church is one cool dude and when I first heard of him, I didn't the hype around him... and then I saw him play live and 'Mr Misunderstood' was such a highlight. His music can be very raw and real which was unexpected as he's such a cool guy but that's exactly why I like him, he knows how to surprise us all. Plus he's a bad ass musician.

More Eric Church: 'Three Year Old', 'Give Me Back My Hometown'.

What songs do you recommend for anyone getting into country music?

Sammi x

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