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In Conversation With... Hengistbury

This week I caught up with Hengistbury's Pete Briley and Jessie Mary. A modern U.K. grown band based in Dorset. Hengistbury have been working hard over the last couple of years bringing a new sound to the UK country scene. Their new single 'Shooter On The Mound' has been released alongside their debut album 'Add Another Minute'.

This was the perfect time to find out more about them including how they met and formed the band, who has influenced them musically over the years, how they write and produce music together and where the unique name of Hengistbury comes from.

Have a listen to my interview below;

I would say that their sounds is unique, with it's soul based in country and yet there is a modern twist to their music which is written from real life experiences growing up and living here. There is a real variety in the songs, my favourite tracks include 'Anybody's Fool', 'Run Like A Wild Horse' and 'Shooter On The Mound'. 


Jessie and Pete are multi-talented and play a wide variety of instruments between them including the Lap Steel guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar, fiddle and the piano. Go ahead and check them out on Spotify to hear their new album. If you fancy seeing them live, their upcoming dates are listed below as well as a link to their website to find out more. 

I hope you enjoy finding out more about Hengistbury and check back soon for more up and coming UK homegrown artists.

Hengistbury have given me an exclusive cover track of 'Follow Your Arrow' for my blog!

Have a great week and keep it country,

Sammi x

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