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Listening Room: Adele and Andy 'Love, Loss & Life Lessons'

Hi everyone,

These last few weeks have been great for new music and today I have another review for you. I've had a sneak peak of the new EP from Adele and Andy.

This country music duo are based in Staffordshire in the UK and have a striking country sound. This new EP 'Love, Loss & Life Lessons' which is out on Friday 10th September sounds like it's come straight out of Nashville.

Adele and Andy
Adele and Andy bring you 'Love, Loss & Life Lessons'

There are six songs for you to enjoy and explore. The first track is 'As Much As I Miss You' which is heartfelt and explores the relationship between a mother and her child and the sacrifice of war. Adele's lead vocals on this song are simply beautiful. The second track is 'Wonderful Life' is written by Alter Bridge and is sincere and a reflection of life. It poses the question about what you would say to a loved one as life comes to an end.

The tempo changes in the next song 'I Got You' and is about a loving friendship when in need. The fourth track is 'Earl' feels like a traditional country song and really tells a story about this man. The writing is imaginative and you really get a picture of the scene and the lyrics bring the character of Earl to life. It's a poignant story about a man falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit. "Nothing could change the injustice that day... an innocent boy that committed no crime". This song really stands out and has been a huge hit for Adele and Andy.

Adele and Andy
Adele and Andy

'I'm Getting Over You' is the next track and for me it is about the life lessons element of title of this EP. It shows the strength that comes to you once a relationship has ended and you start to move on and heal. 'He Is Me' is the final song on the EP, it comes from an interesting and alternative perspective of a person’s other self, looking back on his life to make sense of the mistakes made in order to make peace.

This latest release from Adele and Andy is a fantastic EP and shows great variation in their music.

I highly recommend that you stream or download it now and get to know more about them.

Adele and Andy: Love, Loss & Life Lessons out Friday 10 September.

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