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Listening Room: Gareth Lewis 'Start The Hurricane'

Hi everyone,

I'm finally catching up on all my Follow Your Arrow work and I've got a treat for you today. I've been working with UK Americana artist Gareth Lewis helping to promote his single 'Vultures' and new EP 'Start The Hurricane'. I'd heard some of Gareth's music last year and really liked his voice and it's been wonderful to work with him to promote his new music as I really believe in his talent as artist. Gareth, from Swansea in Wales has been working in the music industry for a number of years as a talented songwriter, singer and musician but now he's branching out on his own with the release of his debut solo EP 'Start The Hurricane'.

Start The Hurricane cover photo
'Start The Hurricane' the debut EP from Gareth Lewis

Gareth is influenced by many genres including rock, country, blues and roots but it's Americana that fits perfectly with the current sound of his music. 'Start The Hurricane' has a rocky edge which is reflected in the songs 'Vultures', 'Let It Breathe' and 'One More Round' and showcases his talent as a songwriter and musician. The use of the Dobro guitar is one of the instruments which is prominent, it is almost a character in it's own right and is a stunning instrument.

'Vultures' which came out in July is the perfect opening song for the EP as it has a strong memorable riff and really sets the storytelling for the EP. Read my previous review of 'Vultures' here. On the meaning behind the ‘Start The Hurricane’, Gareth explains;

“There is a strong theme of hope running throughout. Each song is based on overcoming fear and adversity, and the EP is as a whole is about becoming and embracing the person you were always meant to be”.

The theme of hope is clear in the lyrics throughout all the songs on 'Start The Hurricane' and like 'Vultures' Gareth's writing creates beautiful imagery. The lyric that inspires the EP name is in 'You'll Never Know';

"You'll never know if you don't face the dark clouds which raindrop will start the hurricane"

'You'll Never Know' is one of my favourite tracks as the lyrics are so poignant and emboldens you to face your fears. 'Leap of Faith' has a fantastic beat, it's strong and shows the reward of perseverance "All my fears have gone, took a leap of faith and carried on".

Gareth Lewis and a guitar
Gareth Lewis releases his new EP 'Start The Hurricane'

If you're looking for some new music with great lyrics and fantastic music then do check out Gareth's Lewis' new EP 'Start The Hurricane'. To find out more about Gareth's music, live dates and more then check out his website.

Stream 'Start The Hurricane' here.

Have a great week,

Sammi x

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