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Listening Room: Northern Souvenirs 'Next Stop'

Hey everyone,

I hope you've had a fantastic week and discovered some artists featured in the UKCMSA awards. This week I've been listening to lost of UK country music including the debut EP 'Next Stop' by Northern Souvenirs.

The British country-pop duo released their debut EP last month which features four songs. The duo are made up of Lisa McGregor from Birmingham and Alex Varey who is originally from Yorkshire.

All the songs are romantic and feature the reality of dating and love. Their melodic voices merge together beautifully across all four tracks.

The country pop duo Northern Souvenirs
Northern Souvenirs

'Regent Street' starts the EP with a pleasant and sweet song about the place where a love story starts and really tells the story of a relationship.

'Niagara Falling' is so easy to listen to and talks about really loving someone for who they are. Loving the bare bones of someone and not their material wealth. It's really about enjoying life together and choosing not to worry about everything despite financial struggle at times.

'My Page' has a great rhythm and is about living a full colourful life and creating something beautiful together despite the up and downs of a relationship. Alex and Lisa's voices harmonise in a lovely warm way.

'Clocking up Miles' is so romantic, if you've ever had a long distance relationship then you can really relate to this song. Making each of those moments together really count. The music with their vivid storytelling is so beautiful. This may be my favourite as it reminds me of my twenties.

'Next Stop' is a fantastic debut EP from Northern Souvenirs, it is truly warm, comforting and romantic. Check out Northern Souvenirs here.

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