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Listening Room: Twinnie- Hollywood Gypsy

Good afternoon all,

I hope lockdown life is going well? This week, I've managed to relax into this new way of living and after three weeks of being away from my main job I'm feeling much more creative. I'm almost bursting with ideas.

I've been listening to a lot of new music including the highly-anticipated debut album from Twinnie. 'Hollywood Gypsy'was released on Friday and I've been playing it on repeat ever since. The UK country music scene has been waiting a couple of years for this record but boy has it been worth it! This album is everything I was hoping for; a mix of upbeat, catchy tunes with soulful heartfelt lyrics. Twinnie and the co-writing and production team have finally debuted it at the perfect time as each track is on point.

Twinnie's debut album Hollywood Gypsy is out now

The title track 'Hollywood Gypsy' is a stunning song and really sums up Twinnie's personality. If you have read any of her interviews or have been following her journey, she has really come into her own over the last year. I think this track shows her personal growth as a songwriter and a singer and has found the acceptance that she can be both "half Hollywood, half gypsy" and doesn't need to focus on one side of her personality. It's both sides that makes a person who they are and she's embraced this wholeheartedly. It's a beautiful track and shows off Twinnie's vocal range.

'Type of Girl' and 'Better When I'm Drunk' are fun, highly motivating songs which make me get up and dance around. I love both of these tracks and so pleased they both made the cut. It does feel like I'm reading excerpts from my diary when I listen to them.

The latest single 'I Love You Now Change' has been going around in my head since I first heard it. I feel like I'm looking back on a past relationship as it's so relatable. Many of us have experience in losing yourself in a relationship and it not turning out as you thought it would be and the strength in regaining yourself again. This song is so powerful and a real belter! Check out the music video;

'Lie to Me' is equally as heartfelt and heartbreaking at the same time and a great track when you need something to help sum up your feelings at the end of a relationship when you're not quite ready to say goodbye.

'Superhero' changes the tempo; "I guess love has no place for superheroes". It's soulful and I love the mix of backing singers and musicians in this as it makes what could be mellow burst into colour. 'Feeling of Falling' is similar and again is a wonderful uptempo collaboration with strong vocals.

'More' is the explicit song (eye roll)... she says one swear word in it! I love it, it's so catchy and upbeat with a good rhythm as is 'Chasing', with the added thrill of the start of a relationship, it's fun and flirty.

'Social Babies', I've loved this song for months now and it doesn't get old. Relevant and clever lyrics and a happy rhythm "we're all just social babies"- so true and nice a reminder to get off our phones and engage with other people.

'Daddy Issues', I really like the country roots in this track with the sound but also the storytelling lyrics behind it. It's so refreshing to have an album where the music is related but each tracks really brings something fresh and new for the artists to explore.

The final song 'Whiplash' has a great beat and perfect for singing on the road. It sums up that great moment of the start of the relationship and setting the right pace.

Twinnie's music is so relatable, upbeat and enjoyable and I enjoyed every track as they each brought something different. I think Twinnie is the perfect artist to introduce people into country music and Hollywood Gypsy is the perfect listening tonic for life in isolation. Stream or buy now on all the usual channels including Spotify and Apple Music.

Twinnie's first UK headline tour is happening next year, for tickets visit her website .

Have a great week all,

Sammi x

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