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Ones to watch 2021 - Round 1

Happy New Year! Hopefully it's not too late to say I hope you have a wonderful year. I know we're off to a bit of a rocky start but now with three vaccines starting to do their work, we just need to hang on in there a bit longer. I really hope you are all keeping safe.

Now on to music, to keep me entertained in lockdown 3.0. I have been listening to some up and coming artists. Some of you may have heard of them already but in this first round of 5 and in no particular order I'd like to bring them to your attention as I think these artists are ones to watch this year;

1. Concrete Prairie

This Bath based country, folk and Americana band is fairly new to the UK country music scene but boy have they started with a bang. Last year they released their debut single 'Bury My Blues' and from the first note, it catches you and has such an amazing traditional country sound with a modern twist. I know this quartet are working on a new release that's coming very soon.

Bath based band Concrete Prairie
Concrete Prairie

Check them out and follow them on Instagram and Facebook

2. Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young burst onto the UK country music scene last year with her debut single 'Whiplash' and first EP 'Blown Away'. Her beautiful voice is so strong and stunning. Her music so far is rooted in traditional country but with a modern and edgy vibe. 2021 is set to be an exciting year for her.

Singer Charlotte Young
Charlotte Young

Check her out on Instagram and Facebook

3. Emma Moore

If you follow many country artists from the UK then you should know of Emma Moore. Emma has been setting the country music scene alight for a couple of years now with her truly beautiful and poetic songs. Emma is a diverse artist and has shown that she can do a mixture of up-tempo songs such as 'Dutch Courage' and beautiful ballads such as 'The Bottom of the Bottle'. Her new EP drops on 31st January.

Country music artist Emma Moore
Emma Moore

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

4. Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis has been making music for a number of years so he's not a newcomer on the music scene. This Americana singer and songwriter from Wales has released some incredibly music over the last two years. Formerly a member of Dukes of Hafod, Gareth is a two time finalist of the Nashville based International Songwriting Competition. His single 'All Because of You' released last year is so powerful and deeply moving.

Singer songwriter Gareth Lewis
Gareth Lewis

Follow Gareth on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Hicktown Breakout

Hicktown Breakout are from my home city of Bristol. This band is a Southern Rock band with a mixture of country, rock and Americana in their music. Their music will get you motivated and send you off to the southern states of America even if we can't go there right now. Looking forward to seeing them play live when we get chance! Their new EP 'Lost Myself' has just come out so download and have a listen now.

Bristol based band Hicktown Breakout
Hicktown Breakout

Follow Hicktown Breakout on Instagram and Facebook.

I hope you have found some artists there that you may not know and enjoy listening to them this week.

Have a great week everyone, keep it country!

Sammi x

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