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Top 5 Songs About Faith

Hi everyone,

It's been a hectic couple of months for me and over the Easter period (which was quite a challenge this year) I was thinking about the comfort I got from some songs by country artists. They don't call the South the Bible belt for no reason, besides the political lines that crosses those borders, the southern states are known for their Christian values.

No matter what your personal position on any kind of faith, religion or even if you don't believe at all, there's some amazingly beautiful songs out there that I've personally found very helpful through difficult times. Now a few weeks down the line, I am ready to share my thoughts on the subject, here's my top 5 songs that have personally helped me.

Hillary Scott
Hillary Scott

1. Thy Will - Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

This takes the number one slot for me and I've come back to it a few times over the last few years. I love this song that Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott wrote with her family. It's a poignant track about trying to understand why we go through difficult times, loss and keeping the faith.

It's performed beautifully by the vocally talented Hillary Scott, her voice is so stunning I could listen to it forever. This song was written about her personal loss of her unborn child, I don't think I've ever heard a more authentic song, it's simply stunning. The album she made with her family are all songs about faith and they have some great tracks on there but it's this one that I love the most.

2. Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood

Hearing this song light up the O2 arena with the crowd singing back to Carrie Underwood at the Country to Country festival in 2016 was truly memorable. This has been a favourite of mine for a number of years and it's a great one to belt out. There is so much truth in the lyrics, I'm pretty sure we've all been in a place where we've just want someone else to take over steering our life for a while.

A few years ago I was driving home on a winter's night and had lots of hectic thoughts running through my head and in a quick moment I ended up driving into a ditch as my concentration slipped. My first thought was 'Jesus, take the wheel' and luckily I managed to drive straight back out of that ditch with little damage made to me or my car. This song reminds me of that moment often and it helped me reset my train of thought.

3. Three Wooden Crosses- Randy Travis

My friend Catherine introduced me to the music of Randy Travis many moons ago and it was this particular song that struck me the most. I think it is one of the most beautiful country songs around and is one of those great stories that's told in country. I love this song, it can make me emotional though but I guess that's how you know that it speaks to you.

Randy Travis
Randy Travis

4. Something In The Water- Carrie Underwood

Another great song from Carrie, I particularly love this song as it's very powerful. She really belts out these amazing lyrics and I think when she sings this song she truly means what she's saying. This song was written by Brett James, Carrie Underwood and Christopher Michael De Stefano. It's a really uplifting song about changing your life for the better and making a clear choice about the way you want your life to go.

5. God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton

This final position was a tricky one, I had two others songs in mind including 'If You're Going Through Hell, Keep On Going' by Rodney Atkins but I although I like that song, it's less about faith and more about strength. I also really love 'The Man I Want To Be' by Chris Young as well, a truly great and sometimes overlooked song.

Ultimately though, it came down to the first song that made me fall in love with country music, 'God Gave Me You' written by Dave Barnes and performed by Blake Shelton. A song about faith combined with love and feeling grateful for those special moments in life.

Please share any of your favourite songs about faith with me, I'm sure I'm missing many more.

Have a good week and keep it country,

Sammi x

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