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Twinnie releases new single 'Cool' and hits the road

Hi everyone,

It's been a little while since I've written a blog. This summer has been so busy that I've hardly had any time to write about all the amazing music I've been listening to. It's been full on in so many ways, I've been to a hen do, two weddings, a funeral (my wonderful Grandad passed away) and I've had a crazy summer at work in a busy tourist attraction. I've also been doing some PR work for UK Americana artist Gareth Lewis; do check him out if you like your music with a rockier edge. I'm ready for a break and next week I'll be hitting the road and heading up to Edinburgh for a few days. I haven't managed to go to any gigs as yet for fear all summer of the 'pingdemic' which would have affected attending the events this summer if I had to isolate.

I'm excited that it's all about to change though as live music is back and I'll be seeing one of my favourite UK artists Twinnie! She is finally heading out on the road again on her UK tour, starting in Leeds on 9th September. I'm heading to the Bristol gig on 18th September at The Louisiana and I can't wait to see this long awaited tour off the back of her debut album 'Hollywood Gypsy', which was released in April 2020 during the first lockdown. I love this album and it really helped lift my spirits by dancing round to some of the tracks from it including 'Social Babies', 'Type of Girl' and 'Better When I'm Drunk'. Twinnie is a talented songwriter and I really empathised with her songs 'I Love You Now Change' and 'Lie To Me' as it made me reflect and heal from my own experiences. For my full review of 'Hollywood Gypsy' head to the Listening Room review here.

As well as the tour, Twinnie has treated us with a new single, 'Cool' which is the final and goodbye song to 'Hollywood Gypsy' as she embarks on a new chapter. Written by Twinnie and Jon Green, who is a fantastic songwriter and has written many well known songs including co-writing one of my favourites 'What If I Never Get Over You' by Lady A.

Speaking about 'Cool', Twinnie states:

“It’s a hopeful break-up song. It’s about being hopeful for a relationship that’s not quite done yet. It’s in that stage of maybe one day everything will be ok and it’ll work out, even if we’re not together right now.”

This new single is the first taste of new music from Twinnie in more than a year and 'Cool' is a pop crossover single. She is stepping out of the realms of country music and heading into the mainstream pop world. However, her roots remain in the storytelling as does the natural country twang and the authenticity in her voice. She has spent time recently in Nashville, co- founding 'I Know A Woman' which will bring together all music makers and professionals and for their creativity to be seen, heard and supported. Off the back of the pandemic where the creative industry was hit so hard, it's wonderful to see this movement to bring about change.

'Cool' is acting as the launchpad of a new version of Twinnie's 2020 debut album

'Hollywood Gypsy' which releases on the same day, with the project offering listeners yet another dimension to the hit-filled pop-country soundtrack.

'Cool' is out now and to see Twinnie on her UK tour, supported by Juna N Joey on the dates above, visit her website for the full list of tour dates around the country.

Have a good week all, I'll be back with my latest review very soon.

Sammi x

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